Most expats who move to the UAE for work, tend to lean more towards buying a new car when they get here. Of course, it is convenient to get around if you own car, and escape the scorching heat during summer months. And if you do not have easy access to public transport, you definitely need a car for your daily commute to work.

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But what if you don’t really know how long you’re going to stay in the UAE, and don’t want to commit a big portion of your salary to a car loan? And what if you actually get a much better deal on a car rental instead?

Renting a car instead of buying one, doesn’t require a high investment or any sort of upfront cost, all you need is a valid UAE driving license. Many expats living in the UAE opt to go the car rental route, considering how easily accessible and convenient it is. People using rent-a-car services don’t have to worry about annual registration renewal, insurance policy renewal or car servicing and maintenance. Anything that requires fixing is taken care of by the car rental company.

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Here’s a look at five popular car rental companies in the UAE, and the average rental rates they offer. These rates vary depending on the type of car and rental period.

Car Rental Company Car Type Rental Period Rental Fare *
Thrifty Sedan 1 day / 1 month AED 100 / AED 1,741
SUV 1 day / 1 month AED 480 / AED 3,300
Dollar Sedan 1 day / 1 month AED 108 / AED 1,773
SUV 1 day / 1 month AED 406 / AED 5,330
Hertz Sedan 1 day / 1 month AED 113 / AED 2,192
SUV 1 day / 1 month AED 314 / AED 6,136
Avis Sedan 1 day / 1 month AED 102 / AED 1,860
SUV 1 day / 1 month AED 303 / AED 4,560
Europcar Sedan 1 day / 1 month AED 102 / AED 1,914
SUV 1 day / 1 month AED 291 / AED 5,481

* The average rental fares were calculated based on the fares charged for four different vehicles in each car segment

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