A comprehensive car insurance policy is the highest level of insurance cover available for your car in the market. Offered in Bahrain by 36 insurance providers at extremely competitive rates, it provides well-rounded financial protection for the car, driver as well as passengers.

But even comprehensive plans come with numerous restrictions and exclusions. The ideal way to obtain ideal protection for your vehicle is to opt for ‘add-ons’ with your new policy. Although these optional features bump up your premium, you get 360-degree protection and complete peace of mind, which is invaluable.

Following are some of the most common add-ons presently available in the market. Find out how these can help you customize your car insurance policy based on your unique needs and risk profile…

No Claims Discount Protection

No claims discount is rewarded to customers with claim-free record upon renewal of their policy. The no claims discount protection feature guards this concession for the following year even if you are required to make a claim on your policy. This is a valuable add-on since it guarantees a no claims discount on your subsequent car insurance premium.

This benefit is, however, subject to certain limitations like own-fault scenario and maximum claim amount.

Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident benefit provides compensation in the unfortunate event of injuries, total or partial disability or death of the driver and passengers. Financial compensation ranges between BD 1,000 and BD 15,000 depending on the insurer and coverage limit.

This cover, too, is subject to some restrictions. A vehicle carrying more passengers than the maximum registered seating capacity is not eligible for a claim. Also, the claim value for passengers below 16-18 and above 75 years of age is significantly less or none at all.

Agency Repair

The cost of repairing a damaged car in agency is significantly higher owing to the quality of service and authenticity of replacement parts. The elective agency repair cover guarantees that your damaged car will only be revamped at the affiliated workshop of your authorized car dealer. This feature can be opted with your policy for up to 3 years from the date of manufacture of your vehicle. Some insurers may even extend this cover for vehicles up to 5 years old.

Vehicle Assistance Services

Also called roadside assistance or accident & breakdown rescue add-on, this feature aids the insured with flat tire or dead battery replacement, breakdown rescue, fuel refill assistance, emergency towing, on-the-spot repair, key assistance and much more.

This feature usually has a wider extent of coverage, encompassing Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries as well as Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Cover Against Natural Calamities

It is impossible to predict when or in what form a natural disaster would strike and the extent of damage it may cause to your vehicle. It is, therefore, in your best interest to obtain out-and-out protection for your vehicle in the form of the optional natural disaster add-on.

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In addition to ones listed above, other car insurance add-ons available in Bahrain include Windscreen Protection, Replacement Car Hire, GCC Cover, Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance and Spare Parts Depreciation Cover. Some insurers also offer VIP add-ons offering car owners complimentary drop-offs at the Airport, pickup and delivery of the car for routine maintenance, traffic inspection and registration.

Souqalmal Tip

Some comprehensive insurance policies provide extensive coverage offering most of these features at no extra cost. Check with your insurance provider regarding the features that are automatically included and other optional ones that may be suitable to your unique circumstances. 

It is also worth mentioning that not all of these features are offered by every insurance provider. Also, the specifics of individual policies differ significantly. 

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