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Need extra cash for family emergencies? The Saudi Credit and Savings Bank (SCSB) has family loan programs for various financial situations. Read More
Throwing birthday parties is another expense parents have to worry about. A lot of time and effort goes into organizing, planning and entertaining kids during a party. Not to mention, parents these days have to budget for the cost, as kids’ want parties with bouncy castles, mascots, endless games... Read More
Saudi Arabia is working towards strengthening jobs for young nationals in the private sector. Last year the IMF stated that Gulf States had to create an additional 600,000 jobs by 2018 in order to retain the percentage of locals working within the private sector. Even though the private sector... Read More
We all doubt our professional choices but often some of us take a step further and change our whole career path. If you want to pursue what you love or what matters to you without accumulating debt or harming your retirement, you will need a financial roadmap for your... Read More
With our privileged lifestyles, it can get difficult to teach our kids about the value of money. And with the current environment which is always bombarding us with advertisement on the next must have toy or gadget, it can get tricky coaching them about the value of money. Teaching... Read More
In today’s day and age, family planning is vital especially with increasing costs. One of the major costs we have to consider is the education of our children. As parents, if we don’t budget right, educating our kids can soon become a financial burden. A recent report carried out... Read More
Dealing with money matters in a marriage can be a tricky. Couples tend to make assumptions along the way such as “we will figure it out” or “I am sure we will be fine”. But before you know it, you are raising a family and your finances are... Read More
Faced with everyday life stress, we start to look forward to our retirement. After all what could be better than relaxing on your porch while basking in the sun. Worries of paying bills, rent and raising your children would be well behind you. However, in the chaos of our... Read More
With Eid al-Adha just round the corner, many parents are wondering how to keep their children entertained and where to take them for the holidays. Of course there is always the option of hopping onto a plane and taking a small vacation to perhaps Bahrain or UAE. But what... Read More
As partners in a marriage we share many aspects of our lives with one another. This include the responsibilities of smoothly running a household. While one partner may take care of the daily upkeep of the house such as cooking and cleaning, the other partner may be responsible for... Read More
While many sponsors cover the costs of hiring a maid, they tend to forget about health and home insurance, an oversight which can cost a lot. Read More