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Riyali Financial Literacy Program (SEDCO Holding Group) and launched a survey to find out how much are Saudi residents saving of their income. Read More
The recently announced National Transformation Plan (NTP) is part of the wider Vision 2030 strategy that was approved in April. Read More
Meem is the retail banking arm of GIB. Co-created with over 30,000 social media fans, Meem’s aim is to simplify the retail banking sector, providing its customers with a quick, dynamic and unique retail banking experience. Read More
The Saudi Vision 2030 outlines the government’s medium term goals and how it aims to achieve them. The overriding theme of the document is one of diversifying the economy away from oil in order to create jobs and improve the living standards in a sustainable way. Read More
Startups however is the new wave of hope for the growing population of talented men and women around the world. Read More
Decide how much you want to borrow, how long for and how to repay, then whether to use a credit card or personal loan or finance is easier. Read More
Saudi Arabian interest rates to rise after the US central bank’s decision For the first time since 2006, the US Federal Reserve made a decision to raise interest rates. Since the Saudi Kingdom’s currency, the riyal, is linked to the dollar, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency decided to raise... Read More
A noticeable practice is expanding its fan base in Saudi Arabia is online banking which is growing day by day also across the whole world. Read More
The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) requested a complete Revamp of all Debit cards issued in KSA starting from January 01, 2015. The introduction of the MADA payment interface is designed to act as the preferred payments solution for the upcoming years in Saudi Arabia. All banks are required... Read More
September 16, 2014 was a significant date for the Personal Finance market in KSA. This date was the cut off on which the new Consumer Finance Regulations were launched for all financial institutions in the Kingdom. Read More
Are you planning to get the new iPhone 6s? Check out all the details you need to know before buying it! Read More
Has your monthly expenditure on fuel increased considerably? Check out simple steps you can follow to save on fuel cost. Read More
Customers have had the ability to make payments towards their utility bills, government payments, instalments and other purchases via SADAD. Read More
Wondering how PayPal works in Saudi Arabia? Here's a simple guide to everything you need to know about it. Read More
if a property which you are interested in is SAR 1,000,000, you would be required to have SAR 300,000 available as a down payment. Read More
Credit cards offer customers the convenience of making purchases which can be paid for at a later date.  Customers are required to pay a pre-agreed profit rate on the remaining balance at the end of every month. In order to keep your finances... Read More
Have you ever wondered what a debt-to-burden ratio is? Find out all the details about your DBR Read More
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Need extra cash for family emergencies? The Saudi Credit and Savings Bank (SCSB) has family loan programs for various financial situations. Read More
Although most residents in Saudi Arabia expect finances to be stable for the next six months, only a quarter think it’s a good time to save. Read More
ATM card-holders in Saudi Arabia will now be able to withdraw cash during emergencies without actually using a card. Read More
You thought your dial-up internet days were behind you, but your broadband is chugging so slowly it's like you've stepped back 10 years. Don't get stuck - speed it up! Read More
Ways to make cheap international calls for Mobily, Zain, and STC customers who want to keep in touch with love ones back home. Read More
Saudi Arabians are expected to own 42m cards by 2018, with prepaid and credit cards, ecommerce and mobile payments also growing fast. Read More
Employers could be fined SR 2,000 – 5,000 if they fail to pay domestic workers by the end of each month, after a, new law was issued in Saudi Arabia. The new bylaw, issued by the Labor Ministry, also states that employees have a right to one day off... Read More
A list of mobile commands Mobily, Zain and STC customers can use in Saudi Arabia. Read More
Riyad Bank has been named the most popular Saudi Arabian bank for personal loans by users of Find out which other banks made the cut. Read More
The FIFA World Cup 2014 may be around the corner but for many fans football fever lasts all year round. The sport has a large fan following in the region with people supporting various leagues and teams not just locally but also internationally. For that reason it’s not surprising... Read More
GCC has taken large strides towards creating an eco-friendly environment. Saudi Arabia in particular has various projects underway aimed to protect our environment. Examples include a SR 4.5 billion expansion project of the Prince Muhammad International Airport in Madinah. The airport will use green technology and incorporate metro and... Read More
If you own a car, then you must have car insurance as you can’t register a car without it. But when you sign up for a new policy - it is worth finding out if it includes breakdown cover too. It could save you a lot of hassle... Read More
Banking products in Saudi Arabia are specially designed to cater to the needs of Saudi nationals. Here are personal finance products available exclusively to Saudi Nationals. Read More
E-commerce in Saudi Arabia is gradually growing year on year. An article published in Saudi Gazette stated that the e-commerce market share was expected to increase to SR 50 billion by 2015. Currently, 70 million e-commerce pages are visited every month by people living in Saudi Arabia and one... Read More
The role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies adopted by private sector companies are in the form of donations or programs designed to actively support communities in Saudi Arabia. Read More
There is always talk going around about free minutes, affordable phones, roaming packages or free internet. Competition amongst telecommunication providers leave customers in Saudi Arabia with loads of package options and regular deals they can enjoy. Below are just a few of the latest offers you can enjoy this... Read More
According to the Saudi Chartbook released by Jadwa Investment, cash withdrawals from ATMs continued to rise during 2013, with a strong correlation between the Kingdom’s economic growth and increased spending and demand for financial products. Arab News reported that most sales in 2013 took place at shopping malls and... Read More
Looking for the best deals in town? Have you considered what banks in Saudi Arabia are offering? Whether it is a new credit card or loan you are thinking of getting, banks in Saudi Arabia are giving customers great deals which come along with their products. Here are just... Read More
Credit cards are a great way to enjoy discounts. Depending on your card, you can enjoy perks such as dinning & travel discounts, lounge access, cashback, air miles, free rounds of golf and much more. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right card based on your needs. Are you... Read More
Looking for a good bargain during a crazy sale is an art. Some of us have a natural knack for it but it doesn’t mean others can’t learn the tricks of the trade.  Here are few ideas on how you can get some excellent deals in UAE. Shop during... Read More
At the start of every year we tell ourselves that this year we are going to be better and smarter about our finances. We always begin with the positive note but somewhere along the way, we end up not sticking to our New Year resolutions. However, sticking to your... Read More
New things are great but if yo’re trying to save money or having difficulty sticking to your budget, consider buying secondhand. It’s surprising how much you can save. We have put together a few items which are best bought secondhand. Cars Buy a used car instead of a new one,... Read More
At the start of every year we tell ourselves that this year we are going to be better and smarter about our finances. We always begin with the positive note but somewhere along the way, we end up not sticking to our New Year resolutions. However, sticking to your... Read More
The New Year has started and many of us have made fresh resolutions to help us be better people, achieve more or slim down. But what about financial resolutions? The dawn of 2014 is also a perfect opportunity to save more, pay off debts and, hopefully, give more to... Read More
In today’s day and age, family planning is vital especially with increasing costs. One of the major costs we have to consider is the education of our children. As parents, if we don’t budget right, educating our kids can soon become a financial burden. A recent report carried out... Read More
If you are out and about and have forgotten to pay your credit card bill, help is at hand. Yes, you could call phone banking or log onto your online account but to make it even simpler why not make the payment on your bank’s mobile app? With the... Read More
Dealing with money matters in a marriage can be a tricky. Couples tend to make assumptions along the way such as “we will figure it out” or “I am sure we will be fine”. But before you know it, you are raising a family and your finances are... Read More
Borrowing in general is on the rise in Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Saudi banks are lending approximately USD1 billion a day to consumers. Read More
Credit card these days come with endless perks. Whether it’s reward points or miles, service providers go the extra mile to attract consumers. This is why if you use your card smartly, you can benefit greatly from these perks. A prime example being cashback credit cards. Just as the... Read More
Moving away from Saudi Arabia can be a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, you’re moving towards new, exciting opportunities; on the other you’re leaving behind familiar ground. During your last few weeks, you need to begin the process of packing up your life in Saudi Arabia. This includes... Read More
How many times have we walked out of our bank distraught by their quality of service? Unfortunately many of us make the decision of selecting our banks in haste and realize later that they lack the quality of services we need. If you are one of those unhappy customers,... Read More
There’s always a lot of discussion surrounding money savings, the best way to reduce your household cost and how to spend less. But what about making money out of a hobby, even if it’s just a couple hundred of riyals on top of your current income? If you’ve always been... Read More
Faced with everyday life stress, we start to look forward to our retirement. After all what could be better than relaxing on your porch while basking in the sun. Worries of paying bills, rent and raising your children would be well behind you. However, in the chaos of our... Read More
Have you ever looked back at some of your financial decisions and wished you could have avoided them? Perhaps it made perfect sense at the time but over the years you realize that those financial decisions weren’t as smart as you thought they were. We all have misconceptions on... Read More
We have all questioned our spending habits at one point or the other. We have considered numerous ways to spend less money and stick to our budget every time we go shopping. But somehow there are always times when you come home after a shopping trip and realize that... Read More
As partners in a marriage we share many aspects of our lives with one another. This include the responsibilities of smoothly running a household. While one partner may take care of the daily upkeep of the house such as cooking and cleaning, the other partner may be responsible for... Read More
Moving countries is a big change as you need to consider several factors such as accommodation, finances, safety and so on. Relocating to Saudi Arabia can also generally bring about a certain level of nervousness. However, keep in mind that Saudi Arabia has one of the largest economies in... Read More
Each time we get paid, before we can even think of how to save, we already have accumulated expenses with credit card bills, personal finances, car loan payments, and phone bills. Long gone are the days when collecting coins in your piggy bank was a good saving strategy. However, midst... Read More
The idea of getting a credit card usually brings along with it the burden of accumulating debt and paying high interest. However this is not the case anymore. The modern consumer is becoming smarter about their spending habits and most of all their credit habits. For smart spenders, credit... Read More
While credit cards are widely spread in the region and can be a very useful tool to make payments, however, it is equally important to understand the common mistakes that we make on a credit card. Below are simple tips to help you avoid making the typical mistakes on... Read More
With the weather heating up and the quiet summer months ahead, now is the perfect time to clear out your cupboards. But before you get out the black bin bags and dump your unwanted items, remember there is money to be made from your clutter. The saying ‘one man’s trash... Read More
Saudi Arabia, like the rest of the world, is emerging from the financial crisis of 2008-2009. But despite lessons learnt during the credit crunch, some attitudes towards credit card debt still have some way to go. According to a survey released today by, the region’s leading comparison website,... Read More
As temperatures start to soar, your water and electricity bills are bound to follow suit. But a few simple changes to your daily habits could radically help you save on the amount of energy and water that you use – and waste. Not only will changing your behavior in... Read More
Whether we realize it or not, the process of monetary union in the Gulf has already begun. Four Gulf countries – Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – will set aside their currencies and merge. Read More
Our latest survey of 1,000 respondents from Saudi Arabia found that 60% of Saudi Nationals save less than 10% of their monthly income. Out of those, two thirds claim they do not save anything at all and 20% claim they do not know how to save. Among the best savers... Read More
For any new expat moving to Saudi Arabia, now has never been a better time to save. Why? Because their salary will be extremely competitive and they will most likely earn significantly more than they can in their home nation. According to the Expat Explorer Survey from HSBC, Saudi... Read More