Saudi residents love to stay connected with loved ones overseas. Unfortunately, it burns a hole in our pockets, as cheap international calls are not. We checked in with STC, Mobily and Zain to find the best deals for you on mobile or landline, with discounted rates and offers.

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Using your mobile


  • The Mabuhay Kababayan is a prepaid Mobily package for Filipinos living in the Kingdom. They offer an off-peak rate of SR 2.0 per minute for calls to the Philippines between 8pm and 6pm. On Fridays and public holidays, the off-peak rates apply around the clock. To subscribe, call 1100 or visit a Mobily branch.
  • Mobily’s Hala International customers can choose two preferred international numbers and make calls to them for a discounted rate from SR 0.55 per minute. This rate is valid only  for the first three months after activation. Remember the call rate will vary depending on the country. Currently, there are nine countries you can assign as your preferred number, including Egypt, India, Pakistan and Sudan. For other countries, standard international call rates will apply. To subscribe, dial *1100# and follow instructions.


  • Zain’s Visitors Plan gives discounted international calls to tourists. International call rates start at SR 0.55 per minute for selected countries only, such as Egypt, India, Jordan and Sudan. After activation, you get two free international minutes and two free SMS. To subscribe, call 959 or 0590000959.
  • The Kareeb Package from Zainoffers customers free text messages to international numbers; however, they can only send text messages worth no more than SR 0.50 in total per day. To subscribe, SMS ‘isms’ to 959.
  • Zain’s Mazaya Premium customers can get a discount up to 75% on international calls. Rates start from SR 0.55 per minute with a subscription fee of SR 10 per month. To subscribe SMS ‘international’ to 959.


  • STC postpaid customers can add the ‘International Key’ to their current package, and get discounted call rates from SR.0.99 per minute. To subscribe, SMS ‘4221’ to 902.

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Using your landline

  • STC customers of the Jood 1 plan can get the ‘Favorite Country Service’ as part of their landline package. They can choose two preferred international numbers for a discounted rate of SR 0.8 per minute. This service is free for all customers, but charges of SR 5 apply if preferred international numbers are changed. To subscribe, SMS ‘9955’ to 902 or call 907.