Meem by GIB is pleased to introduce you to a good profit rate for the Murabaha Deposit in KSA at 3.25% (annual rate). As a digital-only bank, they have lower overheads so can pass these savings onto their customers and continue to offer good rates in the market for everyone, every day.

This offer is valid until the 31st December 2016 and is available for all deposit amounts from SAR 1,000 to SAR 1 million (limited to five (5) separate deposits up to SAR 1 million each). The minimum investment term is 6 months.

The Meem Murabaha Deposit is low risk, flexible and Shariah compliant. You can withdraw up to 20% of your balance without incurring any financial penalties and choose from a wide range of deposit terms. It is the first Murabaha Deposit product with online placement and liquidation (fully and partially).

Find out more by visiting Meem today. You can open an account by completing their online application and visiting one of their main stores. This offer is available for a limited time only.

Gulf International Bank (GIB) is a pan-GCC universal bank, founded in 1975 with its headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain. GIB’s principal shareholder is the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. With over 40 years’ experience in corporate and investment banking, GIB provides innovative, client-focused solutions, covering wholesale banking, treasury, investment banking, asset management, financial market products, and Shariah Compliant banking. In January 2015 GIB launched Meem.

Meem is the retail banking arm of GIB. Co-created with over 30,000 social media fans, meem’s aim is to simplify the retail banking sector, providing its customers with a quick, dynamic and unique retail banking experience. Combining online and mobile banking with state-of-the-art physical locations, Meem launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in January 2015. Meem services are supported by three futuristic customer stores and nine ‘nano-stores’, which together create a unique retail experience for its clientele. With minimal paperwork required, Meem is a complete departure from the traditional banking branch.


• Remember to always compare the financial products before you choose.