Each time we get paid, before we can even think of how to save, we already have accumulated expenses with credit card bills, personal finances, car loan payments, and phone bills. Long gone are the days when collecting coins in your piggy bank was a good saving strategy.

However, midst of all this spending, there are ways you can still manage to save a few riyals. Following a few easy steps below can leave you with at least SR1,000 every couple of months.

Use your credit card wisely to avoid extra fees

Credit cards can be helpful tools to save if you use and choose them wisely. Usually they are extremely useful when an emergency arises, yet many of us also use our credit cards to go on shopping sprees or for impulse buys.  There are various fees that you should be aware of.  Late payment fee on conventional cards can add up if every month you do not pay on time even by one day.  Remember the method of payment does impact when the payment is effective. For example paying your credit card bill through an ATM machine with a cheque can take a few days to clear which means you are a couple of days late on your payment and be subject to late payment fees. Make sure that you set a reminder in your calendar at least a week before your payment is due.

Discover deals to save extra cash

Deals are great ways to save money and even better are the deals that come along with your credit or debit cards. Look up what your credit or debit card has to offer before making your purchase.  For example, currently there is a trend of cashback cards in Saudi Arabia where Emirates NBD Infinite Charge Card is offering one percent cashback on your spend – this a great way to save on a big ticket expense you were planning on anyway.  Other examples include SABB Amanah Gold card where you can collect points as you spend and redeem against vouchers to be used across your shopping in KSA.

Make use of the mobile phone offers

Our mobile phone bill can be quite a challenge at the end of the month and we wonder how we rack up such a big amount.  If you look into what the telecom providers offer, you may be pleasantly surprised on the different offers you can enjoy.  For example Zain is offering a free hour of calls everyday for 90 days when you subscribe to their Mazaya Smart package.  Mobily on the other hand gives you rewards where you can use to redeem for free SMS, calls or data. Paying attention to the offers can pay off and allow you to save quite a bit.

Save on your electricity bill

Turning that temperature dial up by even one degree will help you save on your cooling costs by nine percent. Try setting your AC to the recommended 23 degrees and you’ll knock Riyals off your next electricity bill. If your AC system is more than 10 years old, it is also worth thinking about having it replaced because an old AC could be doubling your cooling costs. Get into the habit of switching electrical items, like DVD players, TVs, computer monitors and stereos, off at the mains when they are not in use, so they are not generating unnecessary heat. Also, those tiny, blinking standby lights could be consuming up to 50 percent as much energy as when the device is actually in use.

Managing your debts

Accumulating debt means more to pay in the long run. So it is best to aim to rid yourself of debt because paying interest or profit over long periods of time will end up costing you a lot. Payment of debts would also mean, freeing up cash which you can save. If you must take out a home or personal finance, ensure minimal interest/profit payments by selecting ones with low rates and keep an eye out for early settlement fees.  If you have debt on multiple credit cards, maybe you can think about consolidating all your debt on one personal loan with a lower rate.

Being aware of your spending habits can take you a long way. Couple of riyals saved here and there can eventually support you in vesting into your dream home or car.