Making a house your home is a gradual process. It takes time to add those final details to your home with little personal
touches. Along with the indoors, many of us also put a lot of effort into beautifying the outdoor areas of our home.

After all living in a warm climate such as that of Saudi Arabia, it’s always a pleasant feeling to look out of your kitchen window and see a garden bustling with life.

However when insuring our home, we often forget to add our outdoors to the policy. While many home insurance policies usually do cover certain outdoors spaces such as sheds and garages, they don’t tend to include your entire garden. Fortunately, policies can be extended for an additional cost to include all items. For that reason, check with your service provider to see if your home insurance policy covers your garden and possible extensions for your outdoors.

For example, Malath Property Insurance in Saudi Arabia can be tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, if you want to insure your outdoor furniture, your child’s playhouse and all your potted plants, this policy can be altered to include all contents of your garden.

Extending your policy to include your garden under your home insurance would mean it’s protected from damages caused by fire, riots, animals, vehicles and natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms. It can also safeguard you from other unforeseen events such as falling trees and lampposts. Theft of expensive items in the garage such as bicycles and lawn mowers can also be covered under your insurance these expensive items could also include your plants such as palm trees with some varieties costing an estimate of SR 9000.

Besides covering your garden, you can take a few precautions on your part to increase the safety of your home even if your neighborhood in Saudi Arabia is harmless. For instance, if you have a back gate in your garden, keep it locked. If you have just moved in, make sure you change all the locks inside and outside your house. Try not to leave your bike lying around in open sight without a lock or any other items which can cause accidents such as ladders or tools. It also worth looking into installing motion-sensor lighting in your garden to increase the safety of your home.

Therefore, if you’re looking to enjoy the upcoming winter in your beautiful garden, do so with peace of mind and insure your entire home.

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