With the weather heating up and the quiet summer months ahead, now is the perfect time to clear out your cupboards. But before you get out the black bin bags and dump your unwanted items, remember there is money to be made from your clutter.

The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ certainly rings true when it comes to the junk cluttering up your cupboards. Saudi Arabia is a transient society and with many expats coming and going, there is a constant source of barely used goods being bought and sold.

Thankfully, the nation’s attitude towards secondhand goods has changed dramatically since the financial crisis of 2008 – 2009. Prior to that, picking up a bargain at a flea market was not the done thing; instead the economic boom of the mid-2000s saw everyone obsessed with the shiny and brand new.

Now however, the nation has learned some lessons and become a little thriftier. Garage sales, flea markets and the launch of leading classifieds websites, has seen a dramatic shift in favour of buying secondhand. With that in mind, here are three ways to make some cash from your trash – money that can otherwise be stored in your savings or deposit account and make the cash work for you.

Garage sales: If you are having a clear out and find piles of unwanted CDs, DVDs, clothes, crockery or kids toys, then it might be worth having a garage sale. By having the sale at home, you don’t have to transport the items and can sell a vast quantity in one go. Advertise the sale on classified websites, on signposts around the community or a notice board in your apartment block or office. Social media sites such as Facebook community groups and Twitter are also good ways to attract more shoppers.

Top tip: Set a start time and be ready. People tend to arrive on time to ensure they get the best products and the best deals. Also make sure the ad clearly states the address, start and finish time and what you are selling.


Classified Websites: If you have big-ticket items such as a car, large furniture or barely used electrical goods, then advertise on online. Some of the classifieds site in Saudi Arabia receives an enormous amount of people going through them looking for deal everyday, making it the best way to reach the most people. Remember you will either be inundated with calls or receive no offers at all, so you may have to adjust your price to attract more interest.

Top tip: When you advertise your item, put a slightly higher price than your final price as buyers often want to haggle but don’t push it as you risk to not get any calls.  There is competition everywhere.


Designer deals: If you have some beautiful shoes, bags or dresses that you no longer use but can’t bear to sell for a pittance, why not try a dress exchange service or sell to a secondhand clothes shop that will sell the items for you. There are many websites that buys and sells secondhand designer and vintage clothing such as theluxurycloset.com.

Top tip: When choosing items to sell on, designer labels will reap the most rewards and remember all clothes need to be cleaned and pressed.