The Regulator in KSA has invested a great deal of effort in introducing new services and improving existing services in order to improve the quality of amenities available to consumers in the market. Increases in Point of Sale (POS) spend limits, uninterrupted payment network access via the Saudi Payments network, and GCC and worldwide spending ability.

Customers have had the ability to make payments towards their utility bills, government payments, instalments and other purchases via a unified payment network named SADAD. The latest enhancements allows customer to make these payments via their credit cards.

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This means that you now have the ability to make a payment on credit, and can repay the issuing bank, the amount at a later date. Although the service is available through all retail banks in KSA, you may be required to activate the same.

Banks have two separate profit/interest rates towards POS spend (swiping your card at a vendor) and ATM Cash Advances (withdrawing cash from ATMS via Credit Card). As per market practice, the profit rate for POS transactions is lower than that for cash advances, however payment of bills is charged based on POS rates.

Multiple channels are available to make Payments through sadad:

1. Online Banking
2. Issuing bank ATM
3. Phone Banking
4. Through Branch

Depending on the type of card you have (conventional/Islamic) the payment requirements may vary. Please contact your bank to get further details of how the service can be activated and how you will be charged for the same.