Last week, Glowork organized a career fair for women in Saudi Arabia. The three day event started on the 8th of April and was held at Al Faisaliyah Hotel in Riyadh. It was meant to be a space where Saudi women could engage with employers in Saudi Arabia, enabling them to be exposed to various career options and increase their participation in the Kingdoms workforce.

Promoting employment amongst Saudi women

For some time now Saudi Arabia has been carrying out various initiatives to increase participation of nationals in the workforce and specifically in the private sector. Currently there are approximately more than one million women who are unemployed in the Kingdom. According to a report published by The Central Department of Statistics and Information of Saudi Arabia, unemployment rate among Saudi women has been increasing. Between 1999 and 2012, the unemployment rate increased from 16% to 36%. Organization such as Glowork are working hard towards decreasing these numbers.

Glowork is a recruitment company setup by Saudi entrepreneurs with the sole aim of increasing women empowerment. They provide an online platform through which Saudi women can access various career options in Saudi Arabia. Glowork also reaches out to Saudi women through career events such as ‘A Step A Head’.

‘A Step A Head’, held for the second consecutive year included workshops to help Saudi women progress in their chosen career. Large companies such as Philips were also present during the career fair to support women employment and to recruit and train young Saudi talent. The event was a success as over 22,000 graduate students attended the event from various educational backgrounds.

Other initiatives are also underway to increase participation from Saudi women. One such example includes The Human Resources Development Fund project which aims to help Saudi women work from home. The project will give out temporary permits so that women can work from home. Such projects aim to motivate women to join the workforce and at the same time give nationals the chance to get the right documentation needed to work from home.

Literacy rates among Saudi women has drastically increased over the years. In fact the number of women enrolling in to Saudi Universities is greater than Saudi men. Hopefully with organizations such as Glowork and other projects, women will be motivated to join the workforce and lead the Kingdom to further development. is the leading comparison website in the Middle East. Our portal offers consumers the ability to search and compare over 1,500 products online while obtaining detailed information on credit cards, personal loans, car loans, bank accounts, mortgages, insurances, mobile phone plans, broadband plans, schools and nurseries offered by the various providers across the UAE, KSA and Kuwait

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