New things are great but if yo’re trying to save money or having difficulty sticking to your budget, consider buying secondhand. It’s surprising how much you can save.

We have put together a few items which are best bought secondhand.


Buy a used car instead of a new one, especially if you’re a 20 something who just started working and would like to save. There are many websites and deals which give you great offers on secondhand cars. A well maintained car which may be just a year or two old can save you a considerable amount of money compared to a brand new one. Remember to do plenty of research before buying a car and always get it tested by a mechanic.


As a parent we want to give our kids the best of everything, but if you’re cutting costs consider buying secondhand toys. Children at younger ages get bored of their toys quick and destroy them. Also popularity of toys among kids often changes. There is always a newer Lego set or Barbie to buy, and if you’re worried about the cleanliness of the toys, make sure you wash and clean them yourself.


If you are big on reading but don’t want to spend a lot on your hobby, buy used books. It can save you spending on books you’re not sure of. Look for secondhand book stores in your city or ask a friend to loan you a good read.

Parents should look into buying secondhand school text books as they can be quite pricey. Keep used textbooks of your older child so that your younger ones can eventually use them too. You can even try selling textbooks afterwards and make a few quick riyals.

Video games and DVDs

Just like toys, the excitement surrounding the latest video game quickly fades away. It is one of those items you buy new, but once you have watched the movie or finished the game, it just gathers dust on your shelf. Therefore, when a new movie comes out on DVD, wait a few months for the prices go down before you buy it. Buy classics secondhand during garage sales or during sales.


It can cost you a couple of thousand riyals to buy a pet, especially particular breeds. If you’re looking to get yourself a companion, think about  getting a pre-owned pet or one from a shelter near you. It’s a nice gesture to give a new home to furry little friend from the shelter.

Keep in mind that pets come with additional costs such as food, and regular vet bills. Dishing out a large amount on getting a pet may affect your yearly budget.

In Saudi Arabia, you can find a number of sites with the above used item. Below are a few examples of websites to check out for secondhand cars, phones, furniture, and other items.