Having a maid to help around the house is useful, especially if you have a large family.

While many sponsors in Saudi Arabia cover the costs of hiring a maid, such as salary, flights, and living expenses, they tend to forget about insurance. This oversight can, in the long run, end up costing a lot.

Before hiring a maid, many of us budget for all the costs attached to the process.

However, insuring our maids isn’t usually part of the cost analysis as we are busy considering all other aspects such as obtaining a visa, paying for her tickets back home, salary, accommodation and living expenses. Providing insurance ends up being secondary and this oversight can interrupt the smooth running of your home.

Health insurance for maids

Therefore, it is advisable to provide your maid with health insurance. It can not only save you money in the form of hospital bills in case she gets sick, but also make sure that she is physically able to contribute efficiently to your household.

Home insurance for maids

Besides health insurance, you also have the choice of guarding your home and money from accidents, theft and third party liability through home insurance policies. These policies also have the option to cover events where your maid may have an accident on your premises or even on someone else’s property.

For example, the SABB Home Takaful Plan will cover your domestic helper against any accidents for up to SR 30,000 as part of your home insurance policy. It will also cover costs if your maid gets injured on your premises. In case of a fire which is accidentally started by your maid, you can get home insurance policies which will cover you as well as your neighbors’ homes.

However, remember that these policies usually cover domestic helpers as an additional feature rather than a mandatory one. It’s advisable to include it as a part of your home insurance policy.

Therefore, compare all the home insurance policies available in the market and look out for ones which will insure your domestic helpers for a price that suits you.

Another reason to include your maid under your home insurance is to minimize other risks. Insurance policies can protect you and your belongings from mishaps, such as your maid stealing from you or running away before the end of her contract period.

Currently, a few recruitment agencies responsible for maid placements in Saudi Arabia are in negotiations to sign contracts with insurance providers. These policies which are specific designed for housemaids will cost an average of SR 1,000 for two years.

The goal is to protect sponsors from incidences where maids will run away or leave before their contract ends. On the other hand, it will also protect maids in case of delayed salary payments and other events.

For many of us, our maids have become an essential part of our household, and protecting their wellbeing should be a priority. Getting your maid insured not only helps your domestic helper but is a choice which will also benefit you.