There’s always a lot of discussion surrounding money savings, the best way to reduce your household cost and how to spend less. But what about making money out of a hobby, even if it’s just a couple hundred of riyals on top of your current income?

If you’ve always been complimented about your dress sense or how you paint well than making money through your hobby is an option. What better way to look into your options then tapping into your own natural talent. Check out a few of our suggestions below to get you started.


You love to shop and are always being complimented for your skill to pick out a good bargain or have an eye for things then consider making your hobby  a personal shopper. Start with family members, perhaps an aunt who is looking for a dress to go to a wedding or a cousin who wishes to revamp her wardrobe. If they are happy with the results make sure they publicize you as the genius behind their look. Remember to keep your prices reasonable, perhaps an hourly rate or a percentage of total price of the items. Another good idea is to email a couple of personal shoppers yourself to find out the current market price.

Also, use the current hype surrounding social media to garner interest in your skill such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or many others. Ask your clients to also do the same once you have worked for them.

Baking savory delights

The way to many peoples heart is through their stomach and it you have a knack for baking then it is one hobby that can make you quick money. As mentioned, start with your family and give away free samples. Bake cupcakes or other foods for a family event and promote yourself or next time few friends are over, bake them your goodies and get them hooked. If you live in a gated community in Saudi Arabia, promote your talent on the news boards and passing around leaflets or even offer to carter children birthday parties. Always be willing to provide testers for your clients and yet again use social media to your advantage.

A good tip is to stick to items you do well rather than diversify into many goodies. Once you have a base cliental, you can experiment with more baked delights. And even though baking requires an initial investment, if your plan properly and market yourself, it should pay off.

Teach a skill

If your hobby is teaching, another great way to make quick riyals is to sell your skill. So if you are good at sports or exceptionally good at mathematics or science then teach your skill. Become a coach for the neighborhood children or tutor them to improve their grades. You can even become a personal trainer but get certified before you market yourself. Many people would pay a decent amount to get training in the comfort of their homes in Saudi Arabia, especially women. However keep in mind that teaching requires patience and is essential to the job.

Sell your craft

If you don’t like to teach, another way you can make money is by selling your craft. Therefore, if you have a flair for making jewelry, paint well or even take great pictures, try selling your items. Besides using social media such as Facebook to sell your craft, also try online portals such as Dubizzle. Another international website worth checking out is Etsy, a portal specifically for handmade, unique items. Classified are also big in Saudi Arabia, therefore if your talent is getting its due recognition, consider publicizing your items there.

Make your hobbies work for you and draw in some money. However, it will require time, patience and determination to market yourself. is the first comparison website in Saudi Arabia for banking products and telecoms – to compare the offers on credit cards, loans, home finance and mobile phone plans, visit